For me, it was having my world turned upside down that made it clear life was too short to worry about what was popular or trendy and that all that mattered was you being your authentic self with the people who care deeply about what makes you happy. Last year, at the age of 26, a new mother to a two-month-old baby, and just two months after her cancer diagnosis, I lost my sister. This gut-wrenching loss was a spotlight on what I valued most, so I took this last gift from the person who knew me best and began pursuing a life that was fearless, filled with adventure, and packed with moments that take my breath away. 

Hey there, it’s me, Makayla! 

There are no guarantees in life, so live yours without regrets.

So let’s get lost together. Adventure to new places. Ride your horse on your wedding day. Get a little dirty. Let the wind mess your hair. Do the things that make your heart burst with joy. And I’ll capture it - because this is what love and life really look like- authentic, honest, real - these are the stories worth telling. 

I want to capture the moments that make your heart beat the hardest, to experience with you, the wild abandon that comes from being unapologetically you with those you love most. You deserve a photographer who cares about what makes you happiest on your wedding day and every day for that matter. You deserve someone who cares. Oh hey, that’s me! 

-Artfully blending adventurous, feel-good moments with good old fashioned storytelling is kinda my jam-

I love two-stepping! My boyfriend and I met at a country bar where he asked me to dance!

My best adventure ever was an African safari. I fell in love with animals on this trip!

My dream is to one day build my own shop house and have a couple horses.

I got my rescue pup when she was 4 months old! She's my all-time favorite person (yes dogs are people too).

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