Aruba Wedding Guide – How to Elope in Aruba

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It’s easy to see how Aruba earned the nickname “one happy island!” Located in the Caribbean, Aruba is known for its white sand beaches, year round sunshine, and tropical climate – but if you venture off the sandy resorts, you’ll find endless adventures. So whether you want a relaxing tropical getaway, or to spend your honeymoon exploring the natural wonders of the island, this Aruba wedding guide will tell you all about how to elope in Aruba. From setting a date, budgeting, finding the perfect spot for your ceremony, and all the tips and tricks for planning a destination wedding, you’ll be an expert in no time!

Why You Should Elope in Aruba

Maybe you’re on the fence – wondering if a destination wedding is right for you. Here are some reasons why I think getting married in Aruba is something you should consider!

A Private, Intimate Wedding Day

With a destination wedding, your guest list is bound to be shorter than it would be if you had a traditional wedding in your hometown – or maybe you won’t have a guest list at all! One of the best things about choosing to elope in Aruba is that the experience will be shared with just the people you love most, and your wedding day will be about celebrating your love and the start of your marriage – not about throwing a party for 200 people and worrying about saying hello to everyone. A destination wedding gives you the opportunity to spend some time with your guests, but since you’ll likely be combining this with your honeymoon, you’ll get the best of both worlds, and be able to spend some time alone too!

Incredible Scenery

Of course, one of the biggest advantages to an Aruba wedding is that you get to explore one of the most beautiful places in the world! The turquoise waters and white sand beaches make a stunning backdrop, and you can head inland to explore the cactuses, caves, and pools – or, stay close to the beach and spend your honeymoon sipping pina coladas, or hopping in the waves for some snorkeling!

The Best Month to Get Married in Aruba

There really isn’t a bad time for your Aruba wedding – the climate is pretty ideal year round! 

December through March is the most popular time for travelers to visit Aruba, because while most of the northern hemisphere gets pretty chilly, this Caribbean island stays warm and sunny. Eloping during this time can be a great way to escape the cold at home, but travel will be more expensive, and you’ll likely run into more crowds.

April through August, Aruba is much quieter – tourists usually stay away during this time, so you’ll get a lot more privacy. During the off season, prices are cheaper – but the weather can get pretty toasty, upwards of 85 degrees. Summer is pretty windy, which can help you stay cool, but the wind might be a little harsh at times (nothing like sand blowing in your eyes, am I right?).

I think the best month to get married in Aruba is September – the winds die down, and the weather is still warm and sunny! The winter crowds haven’t started pouring in yet, so you’ll have some more privacy for your elopement. October through December can be good times for your Aruba wedding as well, but keep in mind that this is the rainy season!

Aruba Destination Wedding Cost

With any wedding, budget can be a huge factor! But, you may be surprised to know that a destination wedding or elopement is often easier on the wallet than a traditional wedding at home. Because of the shortened guest list, you’re saving a lot of money on catering costs – and getting married at a resort (and staying there for your honeymoon) is usually less expensive than a wedding venue! 

The cost of a destination wedding can depend on a lot of factors – like guest list, where you stay, and what you want to do, but on average, couples spend less than $15,000 on their Aruba wedding. When you elope in Aruba, you get to spend your money on having amazing experiences with the people you love most, and staying at an all inclusive resort helps cut costs as well!

The best part? Unlike a traditional wedding, it’s not over after just one day! You get to stay for the rest of your honeymoon, making the most out of your wedding – and out of your budget.

Aruba Wedding Venues

This is the fun part – deciding where to host your Aruba wedding! The resorts on the island allow you to have an all inclusive destination wedding, as you’ll have a place to stay with access to the beach and to all kinds of adventures, a place to have your ceremony, and a place to relax and enjoy your honeymoon. Here are some of Aruba’s best resorts that can serve as your wedding venue!

Divi & Tamarijn Aruba

The Divi and Tamarijn are technically two different properties, but you will have access to both resorts, and they’re just a quick walk or shuttle ride away from each other.

Divi is located right on the beach and is a little quieter, with a more upscale, modern feel. The rooms are a little bigger and more luxurious, while the Tamarijn is slightly less pricey. The walk to the beach from the Tamarijn is longer, and the atmosphere is more youthful – so if you want a relaxing experience, the Divi is the way to go! Both resorts offer a beachfront spot for your ceremony, with all inclusive packages to make your destination wedding easy and stress free.

Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort Spa 

The Hyatt Regency Resort is the perfect tropical getaway, and offers several options for Aruba wedding venues, including beachfront spaces of different sizes to accomodate any kind of destination wedding! The resort has poolside cabanas perfect for relaxing, and their wedding packages include salon services, customized excursions, and a dedicated romance planner to help you plan!

Manchebo Beach Resort and Spa

The Manchebo Resort only has 72 rooms – which means your stay here will feel intimate and peaceful! They pride themselves on being a personalized, peaceful alternative to some of the bigger resorts, and offer all inclusive wedding packages and romantic getaways. The rooms overlook either the ocean or the gardens, and you can reserve couple’s massages, romantic customized dinners, and more – it’ll feel like the resort was made just for you!

Aruba Wedding Requirements

Aside from the fun stuff – like your wedding ceremony and all the adventures you’ll have, there’s also the process of getting legally married. A lot of couples who have destination weddings in Aruba choose to do the paperwork at home, as the process is usually more straightforward. But, if you want to get legally married during your elopement, here are Aruba’s wedding requirements.

You’ll need copies of your birth certificate, passport, and the passports of your two witnesses. You’ll also need to obtain a Certificate of No Impediment, which is a document stating that you are legally able to get married and can be obtained from the court in your hometown, as well as a Declaration of Marriage Intent. All the documents can be faxed or emailed at least one month before the ceremony. Most resorts will have someone who can help you with planning your wedding, and guide you through this process!

Aruba Wedding Packages

This is a once in a lifetime experience – so you’ll need a photographer to capture it all! As an elopement photographer, I specialize in adventurous experiences, and couples who go out a little outside the box. I’ll be by your side, helping you plan your destination wedding in Aruba, and cheering you on as you create the elopement day of your dreams! 

Contact me to get started – my passport is up to date and ready to go!

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