The Best Places to Elope in the US


One of the most exciting things about eloping is that you can tie the knot just about anywhere! Here in the US, we’ve got a huge variety of landscapes, with deserts, mountains, rainforests, and so much more from coast to coast. But, with all that freedom comes a little bit of analysis paralysis – you have so many options, how do you begin to narrow it down?

This guide will tell you a few of the best places to elope in the US, so that you can start dreaming up the perfect spot to exchange vows!

How to Choose a Place to Elope in the US

Before we talk about the best places to elope in the US, here are a few tips that will help you narrow down your options, and figure out which one is right for you.

Keep it General

For now, I recommend keeping your elopement location pretty broad – start with the big picture by figuring out a state or region, or maybe a park. It’ll be much easier to figure out where you want to go if you look at the scenery and figure out what vibe you’re going for before you start searching through specific trails and overlooks – there are a lot of those, so it will feel much more manageable if you pick out a general location first.

Plus, as an elopement photographer, a big part of my job is location scouting! This means every couple gets a personalized list of recommendations customized to them – so if you pick out the state, or the park, tell me what you’re looking for (hiking, no hiking, that sort of thing), I’ll get you a list of all the best spots, and all you have to do is pick the one that feels right!

Start With Scenery

Another way to start dreaming up the perfect elopement location is by just imagining what you want to see. Close your eyes, and picture a place that’s absolutely perfect – are there mountains? Lakes? Forests? A little bit of all the above?

Dream big – this is the time to let your imagination go and think of anything and everything that you want for your adventurous wedding day! While you’re doing this, think about what you want to do as well, because this can give you some insight. If you want to ski in a wedding dress, you probably won’t choose a desert location, and if you want to go white water rafting, you’ll need a place with water!

Think About Travel

The last thing I really recommend considering before you start looking at elopement locations, is to think about how far you want to travel – some couples want to stay close to home, others want to go somewhere new, exciting, and far away, while others don’t have a preference and are willing to go anywhere. 

The first consideration here is your own preferences – then, think about whether you’re inviting any guests (the two legged or the four legged kind). If you elope with family, or you want to bring your dog or even your horse, that can affect how far you can go and how you travel!

The Best Places to Elope in the US

Now that you have a few logistics figured out, here are some of the best places to elope in the US!

Glamis Sand Dunes, California

Best for: sunsets, boho vibes

The Glamis Sand Dunes are a few hours from San Diego, in the desert of California. The rolling dunes provide a really unique landscape, and the sunsets over the desert are just stunning! If you’re looking for a location that’s one of a kind, this is a really great option. A little tip for getting away from the crowds is to reach out to a land owner nearby – there are some private dunes!

Sedona, Arizona

Best for: red rocks, desert vibes, spirituality

The town of Sedona is known for being a spiritual vortex – but even if you aren’t sold on that aspect of it, it’s undeniable that this place is something magical! Sedona is surrounded by red rock formations and stunning desert hikes, and it’s a really unique place to start your marriage.

Glacier National Park, Montana

Best for: alpine lakes, mountains

One of the most stunning national parks, and one of the best places to elope in the US, is Glacier. You can hike the incredible trails, drive up to stunning mountain views, paddle board on the clear blue lakes, and spot mountain goats! 


Best for: tropical landscapes, great weather 

The entire state of Hawaii deserves the title of being one of the best places to elope in the US, but each island has something unique to offer. If you want a tropical getaway, with rainforests, beaches, and epic waterfalls, tie the knot in paradise!

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Best for: mountains, skiing, hiking

Another incredible elopement location for couples who love the mountains is Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. The wildflower meadows, snow capped peaks, and alpine lakes make it an amazingly scenic spot – but it’s really popular for elopements! So popular that it has one of the most competitive permit processes, so if you want a location that’s a little more secluded, Colorado’s national forests have similar scenery and plenty of trails to choose from.

White Sands National Park, New Mexico

Best for: sunsets, a unique landscape

This national park looks otherworldly – just imagine rolling dunes of sand so white it looks like snow. The golden sunsets make the landscape sparkle, and the park is less popular than many other national parks due to its remote location, so it’s a little easier to find a private place to say your vows!

Need Help Finding Best Place to Elope in the US?

two brides holding hands while walking through the forest

The best place for your elopement is unique to you – and my job is to help you find the perfect spot! You’ll remember this for the rest of your life as the place where you married the love of your life, and the adventures you have will make your wedding day just right for the two of you. 

For a personalized list of location recommendations, contact me! We’ll get to know each other, and I’ll create a list of spots personalized for you and what you want for your one of a kind elopement.


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