Tips and Ideas for Meaningful, Unique Couples Photos


Your relationship is one of a kind – so when you get couples photos taken, they should be more than just a few shots of you standing in the right spot, looking at the camera, and forcing a smile on your face. Photos are meant to reflect how you two actually are together, not how you look when you’re being posed like a rag doll! So let’s squash the idea that getting photos taken is a chore and that being in front of the camera is awkward, and let’s talk about how you can make sure you get unique couples photos that will show all the big laughs, little moments, and all the love you share with your partner.

Choose an Activity

The best way to get unique couples photos that you’ll want to hang up all over your house is to choose an activity that you actually like to do together! This can be something as adventurous as a hike, or something as relaxing as a lakeside picnic. I’m all about photographing you in your element – I won’t lie to you, getting in front of the camera can be nerve wracking for a lot of people! But, if you’re actually doing something you love with the person you love, the stress of it all melts away so much quicker than if I just asked you to “stand over there and smile.” And besides, who doesn’t love candid photos? Giving your photographer the chance to capture how you really are together, and all the small moments that make you who you are will lead to some amazing results!

Miranda and Haley used to sneak out at night and kayak across the river that separated their  houses when they were 15 (is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever heard?), and they started dating 8 years later! They’ve converted a van and now travel and surf all across the country, so they included their little home in their photos – and we’ll be doing a surf session later this year! Do something you love during your photo session, and you’ll be amazed how natural and genuine your photos look.

Bring Props

Now, when I say “props,” I don’t mean chalkboards and Pinterest-y cutouts – I’m talking about a sentimental blanket, picnic basket, guitar, or even your dog! Miranda and Haley took photos with their camper van, and it made for some amazing, unique couples photos. Don’t hesitate to bring anything that will add meaning to your photos, whether it’s sentimental, or just something fun!

Pick a Meaningful Location

Miranda used to live in Sedona, so the epic red rocks this town is famous for hold a lot of meaning for her. Choosing a location that you love, like your favorite hiking trail or an overlook you love to visit will give your couples photos so much meaning! But, a spot doesn’t have to be your favorite to be meaningful – you can choose somewhere completely new that you’ve never been before, and your photo session will be a great adventure! You’ll always have the memory of exploring somewhere new, and looking back at your unique couples photos will remind you of how much fun you had that day.

So whether you pick a location that’s already significant to you and your relationship, or you pick somewhere completely new, choose a place that you know you’ll love exploring!

What to Wear for Couples Photos

One of the questions I get the most is, “what should we wear?” And I feel you – you want to look your best for your photo session! Staring at your closet and sorting through piles of outfit combinations can be stressful – so here are my tips for choosing what to wear.

Be Yourself

You’ve been hearing this advice forever – but it really is true! The best thing you can do for your couples photos is to dress the way you usually dress. If your feet are crammed into stilettos you’ve never worn or you put on those super-uncomfortable jeans that make your butt look good, you’re going to get real tired of taking photos, real fast. If all you can think about is how uncomfortable you are, it’s hard to have a good time! When you look at your gallery, you want to see yourself, not an artificial version who barely looks like you.

So, put on those worn in cowboy boots you wear every day or the soft band tee that you practically live in – because the best fashion advice I have is to dress like yourself!

Keep it Simple

Now, that being said, I do have a few tips for what photographs best! But remember, these are guidelines, not rules – so if you want to show up in a tie dye onesie, I’m all for it.

I always recommend neutral colors – but that doesn’t mean beige, brown, and boring! Navy blue, forest green, and burnt orange are all examples of neutral colors that will look amazing against nature as a backdrop. A pop of color, like a brightly colored hat or floral tie can stand out amazingly, but don’t over do it – if one of you is wearing a pattern, keep the rest of your attire neutral to avoid clashing colors and patterns. Your photographer should be able to help if you’re stuck – send them some outfit ideas, and they’ll let you know what photographs best! You can even check out this Pinterest board for inspiration.
I also have a client closet for my couples to choose from – these pieces are tried and true and photograph beautifully, but I encourage you to use it only if one of the dresses feels like something you would normally wear!

Hire a Good Photographer for Your Couples Photos

This is probably the most important tip I have for getting meaningful, unique couples photos that you’ll want to look at forever. A good photographer isn’t just someone who takes pretty photos – they should also know how to make you comfortable! Very few people are a natural in front of the camera (but if you are – lucky!), so it’s important to hire someone who will guide you through the process and help you let go of the nervous butterflies. The best photos happen when you’re comfortable, and having fun, so choose a photographer who not only takes good photos, but one that you connect with.

I’m all about capturing real, authentic love – so if you’re ready to schedule some couples photos, whether you want to celebrate your engagement or anniversary, or just for fun, contact me!


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