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mesa-engagement-session 1.jpgI took Austin and Addison into the desert for off-roading adventure photos and we had so much fun! We met up in Mesa, Arizona and hit the trails in my jeep wrangler. In addition took them to a spot with a gorgeous view of the Superstition Mountains and they showed off their two-stepping moves!mesa-engagement-session 2.jpgmesa-engagement-session 3.jpgmesa-engagement-session 4.jpgmesa-engagement-session 5.jpgmesa-engagement-session 6.jpgmesa-engagement-session 7.jpgmesa-engagement-session 8.jpgmesa-engagement-session 9.jpgmesa-engagement-session 10.jpgmesa-engagement-session 11.jpgmesa-engagement-session 12.jpgmesa-engagement-session 13.jpgmesa-engagement-session 14.jpgmesa-engagement-session 15.jpgmesa-engagement-session 16.jpgmesa-engagement-session 17.jpgmesa-engagement-session 18.jpgmesa-engagement-session 19.jpgmesa-engagement-session 20.jpgmesa-engagement-session 21.jpgmesa-engagement-session 22.jpgmesa-engagement-session 23.jpgmesa-engagement-session 24.jpgmesa-engagement-session 25.jpgmesa-engagement-session 26.jpgmesa-engagement-session 27.jpgmesa-engagement-session 28.jpgGet more information about the experience or check out more blog posts!

Austin + Addi | Mesa Engagement Session


flagstaff-arizona-engagement-session 1.jpgKenzie and Daniel wanted to explore away from the desert for their engagement photos. By the same token Flagstaff, Arizona was the perfect location! We found a spot with some gorgeous aspen trees and the San Francisco Peaks in the background. The weather in Flagstaff can be a little unpredictable but aiming for early December will get you gorgeous winter look without too much snow! This is the perfect set up for a day of Flagstaff couples photos.flagstaff-arizona-engagement-session 2.jpgflagstaff-arizona-engagement-session 3.jpgflagstaff-arizona-engagement-session 4.jpgflagstaff-arizona-engagement-session 5.jpgflagstaff-arizona-engagement-session 6.jpgflagstaff-arizona-engagement-session 7.jpgflagstaff-arizona-engagement-session 8.jpgflagstaff-arizona-engagement-session 9.jpgflagstaff-arizona-engagement-session 10.jpgflagstaff-arizona-engagement-session 11.jpgflagstaff-arizona-engagement-session 12.jpgflagstaff-arizona-engagement-session 13.jpgflagstaff-arizona-engagement-session 14.jpgflagstaff-arizona-engagement-session 15.jpgflagstaff-arizona-engagement-session 16.jpgflagstaff-arizona-engagement-session 17.jpgflagstaff-arizona-engagement-session 18.jpgflagstaff-arizona-engagement-session 19.jpgflagstaff-arizona-engagement-session 20.jpgflagstaff-arizona-engagement-session 21.jpgflagstaff-arizona-engagement-session 22.jpgflagstaff-arizona-engagement-session 23.jpgflagstaff-arizona-engagement-session 24.jpgflagstaff-arizona-engagement-session 25.jpgflagstaff-arizona-engagement-session 26.jpgflagstaff-arizona-engagement-session 27.jpgflagstaff-arizona-engagement-session 28.jpgflagstaff-arizona-engagement-session 29.jpgFor help planning your Flagstaff couples photos send us a message! For instance, we would love to give you advice on locations for your photos, what outfits to wear, and what time of year you should head outside for some great weather! Check out more blog posts for some inspiration. In addition check out the experience on our site!

Kenzie + Daniel | Flagstaff, Arizona Engagement Session


sedona-surprise-proposal 1.jpg

Kellie and Bianca came to Sedona, AZ all the way from Texas for a weekend of hiking and quality time. Bianca was ready to surprise Kellie with a proposal and I was so excited to help her plan it! They started their hike in the dark so they could be at the lookout point to watch the sunrise. I met them at the top pretending to be another hiker watching the sun come up to capture the moment! Congrats Bianca and Kellie, I’m so happy for you two!

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Bianca + Kellie | Sedona, AZ Surprise Proposal


Mesa-elopement-photographer 1.jpg

When it’s over 100 degrees outside in Arizona we do water shoots! Karli and Adam are two of my favorite people and I’m so excited for them to get married. Thank you both for jumping in the river for photos!

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Karli + Adam | Salt River Engagement Session


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